Deadline for applications: 31.05.2024

The fee for the video audition is € 20,--
Via PayPal:

Or via bank transfer:
Württembergische Staatstheater Stuttgart
John Cranko Schule
BW Bank Stuttgart
IBAN DE86 6005 0101 0002 0565 57

Please include the following reference when making the transfer:
APV JCS, family name & first name of the student.

Your application will only be processed after we have received your registration fee.
Students aged 12 to 18 are requested to apply by video in the first instance. This video will count as a pre-selection and will be the basis for the further audition process.

Please note: The age of the applicant to the 9th September 2024 is relevant.

The video should show excerpts of approx. 15 - 20 min. "barre", "center", "jumps" and, if available, parts of performances, competitions or repertoire in studio - if possible classical and modern.
Step 1:
Film and edit your video

Step 2:
Take a full-body picture in leotard

Step 3:
Fill in the application form (make sure it is saved correctly)

Step 4:
Pay the fee for the audition and screenshot the proof of payment

Step 5:
Only if you have step 1 till 4 (in total 4 files), then please upload directly one after the other on the same day! (only if your documents are complete and uploaded at once, the application is valid):

1x Application form, PDF ("family name_first name_1")
1x Video ("family name_first name_2")
1x Full-body photo in leotard, JPG ("family name_first name_3")
1x Proof of payment ("family name_first name_4")

Don´t upload more than 4 files! (one full-body photo in leotard is enough).
Wait untill the loading bar shows 100 %. The upload was successful when you see this!

Incorrect uploads, incorrectly named uploads, multiple uploads or incomplete applications will not be considered. Only if your documents are complete, the application is valid!

Please note that we will not contact you if files are missing or damaged.

You will receive further information from us after the end of the application deadline at the latest.
Please refrain from inquiries.

All documents and videos will be kept in the school and deleted after use.